Hello my fellow readers!


Do you remember first time you walked onto school ground? Taking your little feet step by step until you graduated. Now that’s a lot of work but worth all the trouble right? Today is my first day of blogging, I am welcoming all of you to my first blog post.

Now you’re wondering what my blog is going to be about and what you going to get in return. First, all of you’re invited here. I am blogging for students, workers both communities. When I said workers, I mean all hard workers around the world, employees to employers. They can be labourers, caretakers, self employees, businessman, CEOs, etc..

Everyone love freedom. All of them has dreams, can’t get satisfied by numbers you get paid. Simply moral of my blog is to help you and convince to go after your innocent dreams that has been buried in your stressful life for so long. Why I want to do so? That’s because I personally believe, my true self lies in my inner desires. Second reason, success lies in your heart’s will and gradually archiving them. As a Very Independent person I love my freedom to the core. I don’t want to be a unhappy person by caging my heart.

I’ll give you some insight of personal life. I was born on 23rd of November. I am 24 years old now. I love to read, I love to write even more. When I was a child I am being asked numerous time who I want to become in future. I can’t imagine what my answer were, because I don’t remember my childhood much. Then after I finish high school, I didn’t know what to do. I was lost for a long time. I check myself into few courses too. Still then I didn’t had any idea what my future should be. For two years I was depressed. I couldn’t even eat a proper meal. I had been shutdown from outside world. And being constantly pressured by family for doing nothing was a torture. That didn’t help with my anger issue either.

That’s when I look into online reading, one of best thing I did ever. I was pretty much addicted to it for awhile. I would go ours and ours without stopping. Reading made me forget my problems for a little bit of time and get my head out of my **s to think about my future. It’s hard to fit in a crowd after being in a cave for so long.

Now you may think what I do for a living. I am a proud binary option trader and also a writer. If you don’t know, It’s a pretty cool way to earn real cash online.  I have been freelancing for a while now. I love to capture beautiful sceneries to my camera also.  I am a pretty much of a believer to do what my heart desire. Because doing so has been making me incredibly happy so far.

From my next article I am going to bring up a very interesting topic for employees. Be sure to stay in tune. I known you have a hard time living up to your responsibilities in real life. It’s not as easy as those money crammers say, do online surveys and get rich. It’s all a bull**. For who has a real passion to explore the modern world, join me. You don’t have to be the frog in well anymore. There’s a bigger world awaiting for your arrival. Make your dreams come true. doesn’t matter, if you want to be a freelancer or trade online with forex and binary option? Even you have work related issues. I am 100% ready to listen and help you through my blog. See you on my next article.